My First Book

My first book is hot off the presses, and I’d love for you to have a copy. Here’s why: Writers gotta write, and while I love blogging, it doesn’t pay the bills. I’m a writer and a gardener who loves sharing what I love about gardening. 20-30 Something Garden Guide Cover

You see, I think anyone can be a gardener. It’s all about having a coach to take you by the hand. Here’s are four easy ways you can get a copy:

The 20-30 Something Garden Guide from Amazon.
Barnes and Noble
Autographed copies directly from me. Just email me at, and I’ll get you one ASAP.
Or, ask for a copy at your local independent bookseller.

4 Replies to “My First Book”

  1. Hi Dee, Your sister Carla told me about you since she and I discussed gardening and how I love it. I love your blog. Can’t wait to really sit down and read everything in your blog

  2. I am a novice…a beginning gardner..I planted my first rose bushes last year…Knockout Roses.They did well for a beginning. Today I fed them with Miracle Grow and mulched them with red wood.This is my 3rd year for my 3 miniature crepe myrtles.I also fed and mulched them today with cyprus. They have not flowered as much as I would like. I am hoping for better results this year. Last year I planter lavender and 3 of 4 thrived. This year I want to add day lilies. But they are so expensive. Can you help? This is my first blog to ever participate in. I need patience!! I am not sure what to expect!

I love your comments. Thanks for letting me know what you think.