Bugs and Insects

Fritillary butterfly facing me on a Zinnia elegans.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: Pollinator Buffet

When you plan your garden in early February, what do you consider most important? Do you want fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, or a mix of each? Do you think only of what you want, or do you also consider the pollinators that will, or won’t be stopping at your...

Sunflower with bumblebee; Summer flowers for summer heat

Summer flowers for summer heat

July temperatures are above normal today, but it is the middle of an Oklahoma summer so I’m not surprised. This post started out as one for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, but I missed the 15th so now it’s about summer flowers for summer heat instead. You can’t go wrong with these tough beauties....

Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Lime' and Senorita Rosalita cleome

July garden chores

The page on the calendar has turned. It’s already July, which came in on a flood in Oklahoma. Today is gray, but I don’t mind. Gray skies bring cooler weather. July will be hot and humid soon so enjoy it while you can and get those July garden chores...

Rudbeckia maxima

Back to our regularly scheduled program

We just returned from two trips scheduled back-to-back. We didn’t do this madness on purpose. Bill had a convention, and the other trip to Kill Devil Hills could only be taken last week. I love vacation, but I’m also glad to be home. The garden missed me. Rain stopped...

Magnoia 'Jane'

And, so the garden season begins

With a flourish, Spring opens her petals and waves her branches in a cheery hello. Even today’s cloudy skies can’t dim her enthusiasm. And, so the garden season begins. The fruit trees are gorgeous this year. Must be all that winter rain and snow. We’re still in a drought, but at...


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October, 2013

Mid-Autumn wears her lofty crown for this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. October is a month of changes in my Oklahoma garden. We still have warm days and cool nights, but change was definitely in the air last night as the first, large cold front came through bringing rain and...


Stopping grasshoppers in the garden

Grasshoppers . . . . I hate the little beasties. This summer seems a banner year for these dahlia munching menaces. I use organic practices in the garden, and I needed a way to combat grasshoppers without killing bees and butterflies. Maintaining the balance of  things is the garden...