Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix Book Giveaway

Niki Jabbour's Veggie Garden Remix.
Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix. Photo courtesy of Storey Publishing.

I feel fortunate to be part of Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix: 224 New Plants to Shake Up Your Garden and Add Variety, Flavor, and Fun book launch. For this post, I did receive a copy of the book to read, along with a copy to give away to one of my readers. Yay! Continue reading “Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix Book Giveaway”

Tenth Blogiversary! Garden Design magazine giveaway

10 year blogiversary Red Dirt Ramblings, by Dee Nash
It’s Red Dirt Ramblings blogiversary! Let’s celebrate!

Oh, happy day! It’s Red Dirt Ramblings’ tenth blogiversary! My first post, Why a Blog? was published on October 7, 2007. It seems like a lifetime ago, and yet, also, only like yesterday.  I remember my hands shaking as I hit the publish button for the first time. This little blog and writer have come a long way since then so I think we should celebrate. Don’t you? Continue reading “Tenth Blogiversary! Garden Design magazine giveaway”