A little Christmas Bloom Day Decor

Lit-up 1960s Santa Claus with double-flowering amaryllis and paperwhites. I like to force bulbs indoors.

All around the house, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Although we Catholics are still technically celebrating the season of Advent, Christmas is right around the corner. Bill and I are throwing a party for some friends tonight. I haven’t had a Christmas party for anyone other than family in years. I’m pretty excited, so I decorated the house with almost everything I own. It’s been a blast to uncover all of my decorations and to pull growing bulbs from the greenhouse.

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Thinking about Thanksgiving? My favorite gluten-free products

Vegan Pumpkin Pie I made one year. It's pretty easy with almond milk and without eggs.

Although I mostly write about gardening, I am also gluten-free, and lately, I’ve received a lot of requests to write about my favorite gluten-free products. The week before Thanksgiving seems like a good time. If you’re looking for traditional gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes, I have you covered with my mother’s cornbread dressing–I now use butter instead of buttery sticks, but both work well–Waldorf apple salad and gluten-free cherry pie. Just use canned cherries instead of fresh.

Fresh cherry pie. In fall, I make cherry pie with canned cherries.
Fresh cherry pie. In fall, I make cherry pie with canned cherries.

Favorite gluten-free flour mixes:

First, about flour mixes, they are mixes because straight rice flour–often used in mixes–is gritty and flat and doesn’t make decent baked goods. I’ve watched flour mixes improve greatly over the last ten years. Usually, gluten-free flour mixes contain either brown or white rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, sometimes dried milk and, maybe, some type of binder like xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is derived from corn though so, in recent years, more companies are removing binders from gluten-free items. Another common binder is guar gum. Continue reading “Thinking about Thanksgiving? My favorite gluten-free products”