Tiffany Blue Gluten Free/Casein Free Cupcakes

december-003.jpgSometimes you can have it all. The Diva (my high school aged daughter) and I made these cupcakes this morning for our large family party tonight. We wanted the icing to be Tiffany Blue and the cupcake papers to be silver. We found a way for both. A very light application of Royal Blue food coloring by Wilton will turn icing the famous hue, which also resembles the color of French royalty. I made the gluten free vanilla and chocolate cake recipes from Cooking Free by Carol Fenster, a favorite cookbook of mine, and the dairy free icing came from a recipe I saw at Gluten Free Mom. It goes with her Christmas cookie recipe. I baked those cookies as well last week, and they were wonderful. The secret to the icing is almond milk.

december-004.jpgWe ate these at the party, and no one knew they were created without dairy or wheat. One cousin asked me about them when she saw me eating one. I told her my secret. One of the male cousins told me the icing color made him sick, but what does he know?

I just wanted to share my joy with you all. It isn’t easy being GF/CF, especially during the holidays, but it is possible and can be delicious. My goodness, that last comment sounded like Martha Stewart. I must be watching too much HGTV and Fine Living, but I can’t help it. All the Christmas shows are so much fun. Happy Holidays!!