Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix Book Giveaway

Niki Jabbour's Veggie Garden Remix.
Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix. Photo courtesy of Storey Publishing.

I feel fortunate to be part of Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix: 224 New Plants to Shake Up Your Garden and Add Variety, Flavor, and Fun book launch. For this post, I did receive a copy of the book to read, along with a copy to give away to one of my readers. Yay! Continue reading “Niki Jabbour’s Veggie Garden Remix Book Giveaway”

Of love and late-summer flowers

Painted Lady butterfly on stonecrop sedum. Painted Lady butterflies are abundant this year.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about love and late-summer flowers. I’m not sure what brought on these musings, but I think it may have something to do with turning the big double nickel last week.

I’m a late-summer flower myself.

I’m also helping my mother sell her home and move into independent living, letting my children grow up and turning my mothering to Monarch caterpillars. I’ve watched the devastation of two hurricanes in the news with alarm, resignation and then love and admiration for those who helped. Plus, I finished listening to the S-Town podcast and read Y is for Yesterday (A Kinsey Millhone Novel), by Sue Grafton, on my birthday.

Whew! I have a lot going on. Please bear with me as I sort out my thoughts. It’s good this blog is called Red Dirt Ramblings, especially today. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and wander with me, okay? Continue reading “Of love and late-summer flowers”