Green Thumb Sunday: Pretty Photos and Some Fun

A Bend in the Road Less Traveled The weather folks were surprised yet again. First, they thought the storm would dump an inch or two of snow. Then, they forecast only rain in the center of the state. This morning, as we helped my son, the Airsoft Warrior, finish his Christmas shopping, the rain ended, and snow began to accumulate. It seems the storm slowed down and decided to stay. Guthrie SnowboundOur little town looked very festive in the snowfall, and shoppers did rush home with their treasures, except that no one ever rushes in Guthrie, sometimes much to my dismay. I am a former city girl after all.

Two snow events and an ice storm, and all before January? We may be in store for one of those winters like the one when I learned to drive (1978.) It snowed every Wednesday for six weeks or more. I remember because I drove a Mayan Red Firebird. Very flashy, but lousy in the snow. I carried cat litter in the trunk for sticky situations. There were many.

blog-little-house.jpgI pass this little homestead whenever I drive north. For years, it was hidden in tall grass, but last year, someone uncovered it. Can you see the little cistern in the back behind the cedars on the left? Imagine, a large family probably found shelter in this small abode. It makes one think, doesn’t it? I like the fact that it is made of wood (probably felled locally;) that it survived all this time; and that someone cared enough to uncover it. In the spring, it is surrounded by wildflowers.

blog-snow.jpgIf you haven’t had enough of snow yet, this is a cool way to waste some time. Make a snowflake at Snow Days. I got this link from Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Relax, have a cup of eggnog and just try to quit making snowflakes. Don’t blame me if the presents don’t wrap themselves.

Merry Christmas Everyone. See you after the holiday, and I hope Santa is good to you.

Two Views of the Storm

Little BluestemAs many of you probably know, a devastating ice storm hit Oklahoma last Sunday.  We lost our internet the first day which is why I haven’t been posting.  Thank you for all of your lovely, thoughtful comments.  They make the blog more interesting, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.  I’m still without internet, so I drove into town to HH’s office and am typing on his laptop.  We then lost our electricity on Tuesday.  Lucky for us, our power was restored twelve hours later.  Our home is fully electric, so I made hot dogs and blackbean soup (canned) in the fireplace, and the kids and I pretended we were camping.  Over 100,000 homes and businesses lost power on Sunday and are still without electricity today.  Please keep those folks in your prayers.  This situation really hurts local businesses during the Christmas season.

I’ve taken some pictures to give you an idea of the beauty and devastation of the storm.  We’ll start with the beauty.  These leaves encased in ice were on my rugosa rose ‘Hansa.’  I took this while walking on our property Monday.  Rose Leaves Encased in Ice

Broken TreeOnce the ice started to melt on Tuesday, tree limbs broke, snapping power lines.  According to the local news, that’s when those without power climbed to over 600,000.  Crews from many surrounding states including our friends from Texas and Louisiana came and are helping O.G.&E.  The news stories I saw on my tiny, battery-operated television were fascinating and gave me hope.  People stood in line for hours to purchase generators that were being delivered to stores.  Some of those same people then gave up their hard won prizes to others who needed them worse.  You gotta love that.