Why a Blog?

‘The Fairy’ rose.

Good question. It’s one my friends have asked, along with others like whether I’ll have anything to write. I hope so. Tucking infant plants into much-amended sandy soil and caring for them throughout Oklahoma’s blisteringly hot summers takes imagination and determination. Creating a blog requires the same.

It hasn’t been easy. Although I operate a Sony digital camera and a lime green iPod with some success, I know very little about computer code. And, having a little html knowledge would come in handy right now. But, I am undaunted. I want to show you lovely pictures and share a little bit about myself and the place I call home.

So, welcome to my ramblings, which include roses, jaunts through the countryside with Bill looking for the perfect shot of a dirt road, and other things to come . . . .

Again, Bienvenue. Thanks for stopping by.