Setting a New Course

Netafin drip irrigation installed in 2008.
Netafin drip irrigation installed in 2008.

You may have noticed RDR has a new theme.  For my birthday last September, and in honor on my blogging anniversary this month, I decided on a new design which better reflects Oklahoma gardening and my personality.  The photos are all mine, but I did not create the design.  Although it was a long time coming, it was well worth the wait.

Side border.

The new theme and blog anniversary made me reflect on other changes at RDR this year.

We installed a new irrigation system which has already made maintenance a lot easier.  No longer do I drag hoses and switch the system manually.  HH said it was my anniversary gift from 10 years prior. I planted Crossfire Fescue II grass seed, and I’m overjoyed at all the little plants which grew.  Just call it my blue green baby.  For the first time in the 20 years I’ve lived here, I have grass in my front yard instead of just red sand!  I know lawns are “out”, but I still love my small green space.  In fact, I commune with it as I sit on my swing.  The backyard, which is almost all garden, is now watered with a Netafim drip irrigation system.  It took me forever to understand why my irrigation guy kept saying Netafim, and then I saw the brand name on the box.  Duh.
HH and I built a brick path in the front yard and edged the front bed in preparation for the irrigation installation.

We also graveled the paths in the back garden with river rock recycled from a volunteer Boy Scout Eagle Project.  Because it’s river rock, it is somewhat slippery.  In spring, I will dump some “fines” in the paths to make them more solid.
I turned most of the vegetable garden into perennial beds comprising a loose prairie style of gardening suited to beds framed by discarded railroad ties.  I returned to growing veggies next to the perennials which, I believe confuses many pests.  I had the best tomatoes ever this year and no tomato worms.

Starting this blog a year ago this month was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I get to express myself, and I’ve made friends all over this big blue planet.

Changes are also afoot in the garden itself.  Although the days are warm, the nights are quite cool.  Because of the cooler temperatures, the bumblebees take more naps, and everything in the garden seems less urgent than only a couple of months ago.  I could almost pet the bumbles, which I’ve heard is possible, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Although some plants are still blooming, most are tattered and showing their age, a little like the wrinkles we all get with life.  See what I mean?  It’s all right.  It shows she has character.