The bulb parade through another’s eyes

Orange 'Prinses Irene' tulips with Narcissus 'Thalia' and 'Wave' daffodils

Helen Weis, a landscape designer who is my awesome friend, came over yesterday to bring me more Back to Nature compost. She and I exchange plants and BTN like baseball trading cards. While she was here, she took photos of my garden. Just so you know . . . she uses a Nikon COOLPIX L120 camera. We’re both big fans of the Nikkor lenses. I have the Nikon D90.

Tulipa 'Estella Rynveld' although it isn't as ruffled as the picture.

She sent me several photos, and said I could share them with you. It’s always interesting to see your garden through another person’s eyes. Because she and her daughter didn’t stay very long, she only took pics of the front beds and the one next to the garage. She asked me how many bulbs I planted last year, and off the top of my head, I said 600 or so. Later, I looked back at Get Your Bulb on parts I and II and found I actually planted 314 in the first wave, and then when I found others on sale, I planted 642 more. That’s 956 in total, give or take.

Texas native bluebonnets which I buy as plants every spring. Yes, they're annuals, but they bring so much to my garden after the bulbs are finished.
The bulb parade with Helen's daughter taking photos in the background. That's our old dog, Prancer, too.

No wonder I was tired and sore. However, I will do it all again this fall. Yes, I will. Note that I used a lot of white daffodils in this scheme, and they helped unite all the other colors. I also did the scatter method as I detailed in Get your bulb on Part I. I think it was pretty successful.

Tulipa 'Black Parrot'

The narcissus and some of the minor bulbs will multiply. Some of the tulips will return. Others won’t. That’s okay. I know where they sell more.


Orange tulips 'Orange Emperor' I think and a black tulip which was part of a red and black mix

I guess I’m a bit like the Mad Hatter of bulbs, and this is my wonder land.

Tulipa 'Juliette'

They put a spring in my step every year.


  1. Stunning! Your ‘bulb parade’ is so captivating…love all the colors! You did an amazing job . Well worth all the effort you put into planting them. I know how much work is involved, I too planted tons of bulbs (3,000+ to be exact) and used an auger which saved alot of time and backache! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your lovely blog…

  2. Kelly says:

    Your Spring garden of tulips, bluebonnets and pansies is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Oh wow dear Dee,

    WHAT A FEAST FOR THE EYES (and my soul too). Love this so much. Especially loved seeing the edge of your house and the color contrast of all the bulbs. A living rainbow.

    Love you dear gardening pal,


  4. I recently went on a residential garden tour where the homeowner had planted 9,000 (that’s thousand) tulips. You better get crackin’, Dee! No, really, your display is just beautiful!! Tulips won’t return here, so I have never messed with them (except the species tulips), but these pictures are making me want to add a few hundred next year just for the heck of it 🙂

  5. Rose says:

    Your garden is a lovely vision of spring, Dee–simply beautiful! I love any kind of spring bulb, but especially tulips, and you have such a gorgeous variety of them here. I’ve been disappointed that a couple of my favorites from last year didn’t return this year, but as you say, “I know where I can buy more”:) All your hard work last fall–965 bulbs!–was definitely worth it.

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Thank you so much Rose. Your kind words touch my heart. It took me several weeks to plant all of them, and now I wish spring would slow down just a bit so I can really enjoy them.~~Dee

  6. Jean says:

    It looks lovely Dee. Do your tulips come back every year? Geez, I would be so sore if I planted that many of anything, lol!

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Hey Jean, no, some of the tulips will come back and many won’t because we don’t get cold enough. The good news is that since they don’t, I can actually plant them a bit more shallow than people up north would because I treat most of them like annuals. Now, the daffodils are another store. They multiply as you well know. 🙂

  7. Kay G. says:

    I’m sorry…how many bulbs? If I had a garden like yours, that would be better than winning the lottery. Honest.

  8. sweetbay says:

    I had to laugh at greggo’s comment.

    Girl you are crazy but in a good way. The border next to your house is gorgeous!

  9. The last time I planted 150 tulips the voles ate most of them over the winter, and moved the few they didn’t eat. That kind of put me off tulips. They sure do look pretty in your garden, though.

  10. Wow Dee, I love that border of mixed bulbs, what color!! I just can’t get over how many bulbs you put in, amazing. It is nice to see your garden through someone else’s eyes. I have a packet of pictures of a sweet gentleman who opened his garden to the public for Festival of Flowers last year. I saw him this week, so I was able to let him know I have the pictures and will be putting them in his mailbox.

  11. Martha says:

    Hasn’t this been an incredible spring? Remember last year’s OK blizzzard that prevented most bulbs from doing their best?
    Wow have we earned this gorgeous display. How many bulbs did you put into that row?

    Your friend’s photo signature is ginormous and a bit distracting from your beautiful plantings.

  12. VW says:

    Holy cow, a thousand bulbs – and yours look like plenty of the big ones that have to go deep. You go, girl! What lovely pictures. You’re so lucky to have a great friend close by who shares your love of gardening.

  13. Loving all the bulbs…I have some tulips but most that are not perennial will only grow one year and then there are the deer who love them too…

  14. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What a beautiful bulb display. I too like to see my garden through other people’s eyes. It puts a different perspective on things that you look at daily. I wish I could get the gumption to plant a bunch of bulbs.

  15. Essuzy says:

    “That’s okay. I know where they sell more,” Hahaha! That’s right. How amzing bulbs are! I’ve tried to purchase something different each fall for the past few years. I saw this on my android phone but had to come back when I got on my desktop to take another, bigger, look! Beautiful!!!

  16. LOVERLY, my dear. Thanks for sharing and especially for letting the TEXANS into your garden, Helen!

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