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Maidenhair Fern
Louise @ Home Is Where the Heart Is chose me for a book tag. I decided to make mine garden themed. I like this book tag because of the randomness of it, and you all know how random I am.

The rules are:

Pick up a book of at least 123 pages
Open the book to page 123
Find the fifth sentence
Post the next three sentences
Tag five people

Because I enjoyed it, and I met the author at the Spring Fling, I am choosing People With Dirty Hands, by Robin Chotzinoff. It also appears that Robin has started her own blog under the same name.

“Besides, I’d been told by then that you can’t plant tomatoes from seed in Colorado, especially not in April, before the last frost. Imagine my surprise in late September when I discovered a massive crop of medium round tomatoes crowded under a mat of weeds. But tomatoes are like that. They are always doing something dramatic.”


Now, this is where I choose five people to tag. I haven’t had much luck with this in the past, but here goes:

Curtis from Growing Thumbs

Brenda from The Brenda Blog

Debbi from Aunt Debbi’s Garden

Cinj from Cinj’s Chat Room; and

Tracey from Life in Sugar Hollow.

Remember, this is just for fun. Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it. I do think it’s interesting to see what others are reading.

Tomorrow, I’m off to visit Bustani Plant Farm in Stillwater. I’ll let you know all about it when I return.

10 Replies to “Garden Book Tag”

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  2. Hi Dee!

    What a fun meme . . . off to write my post. My two favorite garden books as of late are out of the house, on loan – “Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden” and “The Lost Gardens of Heligan.” So . . . I am going to pick something out of my present reading list.

    Thanks for much for thinking of me and including me!


    Tracey, thanks for doing the meme. Always interesting to see what others are reading.~~Dee

  3. I like your choice of book, the majority of the books I own are on the subject of gardening. I am glad you enjoyed doing the book tag Dee. x

    Louse, it was fun. Thanks for asking me.~~Dee

  4. Oh, honey, what a fun thing to do! Get to learn of new blogs and books. And I loved the three intriguing sentences!


    It was fun.~~Dee

  5. The Dirty Hands book is a good one! I recommend it to my other gardening friends too!

    Robin at Bumblebee

    Hey Robin, how’s Geneva? I’m glad I’m here. Too cold there.~~Dee

  6. I thnk book tags are very intersting. I like to see what people are reading and the random sentences are interesting as well.

    Me too.~~Dee

  7. I find myself tagged here and don’t know which book to pick. O.K. here it go to the book shelf.

    It will be fun to read yours.~~Dee

  8. Sure! I just had 3 good garden books from the library and I returned them when I was in town today. That’s just the way my life seems to like to go. I’ll see what I’ve got laying around the house though.

    Cinj, it doesn’t have to be garden themed. Pick anything you like.~~Dee

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