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  1. I am starting my list of what to plant. We live on a couple of acres in Choctaw, Oklahoma and I am wanting something similar to this. Can you give me specifics of what you are growing here? I love the different tiers and levels you use. Also, do you have an irrigation system? I’m looking for plants that do not require a lot of water and that can flourish in Oklahoma’s typical dry and hot climate (unlike this year with all the rain we’ve gotten). Thank you!

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Hi Kristen, yes I have a drip irrigation system on that garden. Being the furthest away from the system, it is one of the driest beds I have. There’s a huge number of plants in that bed. It’s also from several years ago so I can’t be sure of everything I was growing in there. I did see ‘Princess Caroline’ pennisetum (not hardy), Phlox paniculata in pink, three roses, two of ‘Old Blush’ and one of ‘Hi Neighbor.’ The tall plant in the background is bronze fennel. If you plant it, expect a lot of seedlings the following year. There are also small zinnias Profusion types, and alternanthera. I hope this helps. Happy Gardening.

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