28 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: There’s just something about ‘Lady Jane’”

  1. Are those species tulips? What a beautiful pink! I love the history of the true Lady Jane of England. Hopefully, yours will be queen for longer than 9 days!

    1. Although it is related to the species, ‘Lady Jane’ is a named hybrid. There is some controversy about whether ‘Lady Jane’ is simply the species. I just know I like them. You can buy these pink and white tulips at several online bulb distributors anymore. Always choose a good reliable company though because the bulbs will be bigger. Oh, and yes, poor Lady Jane.

  2. Very pretty! I assume this lady is a lily-flowered tulip? I’m so enchanted by those types in my catalogs. Will have to find a spot in my garden (or a container) for some soon.

    1. VW, she is a species hybrid really. Which I find all rather confusing, but there it is. The tulips closer to the species do better in our hotter climate.

  3. These should be sitting in a cut crystal vase while I sip wine and eat a good cheese on crustini.

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