Wordless Wednesday: There’s just something about ‘Lady Jane’

Tulipa ‘Lady Jane’ where she’s as cold as I.

And, on a warmer day . . . .

With hearts open wide.


28 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: There’s just something about ‘Lady Jane’

  1. Casa Mariposa

    Are those species tulips? What a beautiful pink! I love the history of the true Lady Jane of England. Hopefully, yours will be queen for longer than 9 days!

    1. Dee Nash

      Although it is related to the species, ‘Lady Jane’ is a named hybrid. There is some controversy about whether ‘Lady Jane’ is simply the species. I just know I like them. You can buy these pink and white tulips at several online bulb distributors anymore. Always choose a good reliable company though because the bulbs will be bigger. Oh, and yes, poor Lady Jane.

  2. Patrick's Garden

    i love the species tulips. And she’s posing quite well for you in the first image. Thanks, Dee.

    1. Dee Nash

      Thanks Patrick. I’m glad you like them.

  3. VW

    Very pretty! I assume this lady is a lily-flowered tulip? I’m so enchanted by those types in my catalogs. Will have to find a spot in my garden (or a container) for some soon.

    1. Dee Nash

      VW, she is a species hybrid really. Which I find all rather confusing, but there it is. The tulips closer to the species do better in our hotter climate.

  4. Racquel

    She’s definitely a pretty ‘Lady’. 🙂

    1. Dee Nash

      Thanks Racquel. Can’t wait to see what’s up in your garden too.

  5. joey

    A big ‘hearty’ smile … luv it! Happy April, dear Dee 🙂

    1. Dee Nash

      Thank you Joey. Happy April.

  6. Lisa at Greenbow

    What a sweet tulip. She is a beauty. No wonder you are taken with her.

    1. Dee Nash

      Thanks Lisa. I do love her so.

  7. gail

    She’s a beauty~I planted her this past fall and am thrilled she’s done so well. gail

    1. Dee Nash

      Yes, let’s hope she overwinters well too.

  8. Greggo

    Gotta have that one.

    1. Dee Nash

      Greggo, glad I could help tempt you.

  9. Cindy, MCOK

    I need Lady Jane in my garden. And her fellow species tulip Cynthia should join her!

    1. Dee Nash

      I think I have Cynthia too, but I’m not sure. Will need to research it a bit.

  10. Jo


    1. Dee Nash

      Hey Jo! Your comment ended up in spam. I’m so sorry. Glad I found you.

  11. Frances

    We love the dear Lady, as well, Dee, in all sorts of weather. Love that her heart opens for you, and us. 🙂

    1. Dee Nash

      She is a lovely plant, and I always think about how we need to open our hearts wide for blessings like just getting to see her.

  12. Leslie


    1. Dee Nash


  13. Jackie DiGiovanni

    These should be sitting in a cut crystal vase while I sip wine and eat a good cheese on crustini.

    1. Dee Nash

      Hi Jackie, I agree with you. They would be pretty there wouldn’t they? Plant some and you can do it.

  14. Tim Colman

    Thanks for the beautiful tulip photos. And I love the red dirt road.

    Keep up the fine work.



    1. Dee Nash

      Thanks so much Timothy. Glad you liked it.