Cestrum 'Orange Peel' with 'Pink Preference' autumn sage is one of my favorite plant combos. Both are hardy here. I'm planting them on the other side of the path next spring for symmetry.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, Dateline October

Hello gang! I bet you thought I would be MIA for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Nope, I ran outside this morning to take a few photos of what’s blooming at RDR. I restricted today’s pics to the back garden and the back borders. I...

Tea cup on fence post; October state of mind

An October state of mind

As I step outside my back door just after dawn, my Nikon hangs over my shoulder and across my hip. I balance a cup in my right hand and take a sip of PG Tips. It’s cool enough this morning for hot tea, but I can’t linger. The fountain on the back deck...

'Conca d' Or' - Orienpet Hybrid Lilies are much more beautiful in person than online.

Hot forecast and sunny days

“Is it hot out here or what?” I ask as I fan myself, and sweat drips down my face. Bill says, “Is a twenty-pound Robin fat?” It’s hotter than Hades in Oklahoma. Not as hot as 2011, but hot enough. Good thing daylilies like hot weather. They may melt...

Blooms are fairly sparse in my fall garden.

Native shrubs to replace roses

What do you do when the shrub you based your entire English-cottage-style garden upon dies? The rose, that fair-blossomed beauty, fell prey to an ugly disease which we’ve discussed here before, Rose Rosette Virus. You might begin to invest heavily in new native shrubs, choosing hardiness and diversity for your...

Orange Rocket barberry in the lower garden with rain.

More garden plans

On this rainy, nearly spring day, I’ve been sitting at my computer and having a big think. Was it Winnie the Pooh who used to sit and have a think? I can’t remember. Anyway, these are some of my current garden thoughts and plans. They include some things I want...

Tommies up close (1 of 1)

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–March and spring plans

In Oklahoma, there’s not much blooming this March for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Normally, by now I’d have tulips starting, along with the early daffodils, but that late winter blast of cold, snow and ice set things back. We saw nearly the same...

Tap eating snow and enjoying the weather. He could play out in it all day.

Snow Play

In Oklahoma today, we’re in the midst of snow play. Bear is testing the snow now to see if it’s the good sledding kind. I’m betting it is. I’ll join her as soon as I write this post. In recent years, Oklahoma has had more snow than I remember from the...