The potager (kitchen garden)

The new potager.  Its first year is 2010.

The newest garden, the potager which is behind the garden facing the street.

This is the red fountain which is the centerpiece of this garden. Fountains provide water for visiting wildlife including our dogs and the birds they want to chase. Fountains are also repositories of soothing sound and can drown out highway noise.

The fountain which is the centerpiece of the potager.

In late summer, sweet potato vines covered the brick walkways, but the bountiful garden looked its best in July and August with all of the overflow.

Potager in late summer.

Just some of the produce which came out of this small garden.

One day's beautiful produce

9 comments on “The potager (kitchen garden)

    1. Dee Nash

      Why thank you Shavonda. I do like it. It’s my favorite place to grab some herbs and tomatoes for dinner.~~Dee

  1. Sue Cosgrave

    Hi Dee, We are making 7 raised 4×12 veg. Garden beds. Looking for soil formula for these beds, want to get it right the first time! Our soil is sandy, we do have lots of cow manure, and can buy humor by pick-up load and ideas? Thanks

    1. Dee Nash

      Hi Sue, well, I can’t tell from your comment whether you’ve bought soil, or are making your own. The manure needs to be composted, or it will be too hot for spring. Do you mean Humore Soil Conditioner? I know it has alfalfa, and I believe there is also manure in it. So, you need to be careful not to get too much nitrogen. A soil test is always recommended first, but if you want to play it safe, go to Minick Materials and order soil. It will be perfectly blended for your beds. There is also a company in cow town who has soil to purchase.

      However, you can blend your own soil. Just search in google for soil blends. It’s good you have sandy soil instead of clay. HTH~~Dee

  2. Gary

    Awesome raised bed garden. I like the height and size, looks like it is easy to work. By the way, those tomatoes look great. I bet they taste even better.

    1. Dee Nash

      Gary, thank you so much. It was my plan to make it easy for me to garden on into my later years.

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