Winter walk

This morning, I found it hard to wake from a long and pleasant dream concerning seeds. When I stepped outdoors, teacup in hand, the low was 25F. Yesterday, it was fifty something, maybe 52F. That’s life on the plains. One day you’re up, and the next you’re down–sometimes in the same day. After I ran Bear to school this morning, I rushed home because there was good frost everywhere. I do love frost as the sun comes up. Everything sparkles.

Go on, winter garden, sparkle while you may. Pretty soon, all this brown foliage will be cut down for new grasses to emerge–new life to begin. I am ordering seeds with trepidation because of the last two years of heat and drought, but I’m also trying to maintain calm and serene with whatever comes.

I can’t control the weather, but I can enjoy a gift, this morning of diamonds in my normally gray and brown winter world.

Here’s hoping your February is also filled with sparkles and other good things. March is coming. I can feel it on the air and in the soft ground. I can hardly wait.

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21 comments on “Winter walk

  1. Janet, The Queen of Seaford

    I enjoy an invigorating winter walk. There is more to see in winter than many think. Yours was a nice walk. Frost gives a new look to the landscape.

  2. Holleygarden

    Diamonds. I love that description of frost. Yes, March will be here soon. I’m hoping this summer we will both get lots of rain – wouldn’t that be a change!? I love your glass flowers in your black mondo. I’ve recently fallen in love with black mondo grass, and your glass flowers set it off beautifully.

  3. PlantPostings

    What a beautiful grouping of photos at the top of the post! You’ve welcomed us very effectively to Oklahoma, where your garden is waking up and the dew is sparkling all around. Lovely!

    1. Dee Nash

      Thank you so much. It was such a beautiful morning I had to share. Thanks for stopping by.~~Dee

  4. Jason

    Could the Panicum be ‘Shenandoah’? I also love switchgrass, for me it is an essential plant. Thanks for sharing your garden decorated with ice crystals.

    1. Dee Nash

      Hi Jason, it could be, but I have ‘Shenandoah’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ in other spots. It doesn’t look like them in the growing season. It was my first panicum, and I’m afraid I forgot to label it. Anyway, it’s still lovely.

  5. CurtissAnn

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful world this morning. Spring is marching on fast this year. How different each year is from the previous! Let’s keep hope. We had three inches of rain night before last, yes, and the day dawned like paradise. Love you~

    1. Dee Nash

      Hey Rosebud! Love you too. Running over to see what you’re writing.~~Dee

  6. Robin Lambert

    Ah yes it was crisp this morning! But now it is a little warmer. I did my rough till on the area where I’m putting my early stuff on Wed. We did get a little rain here near Seminole ( Oklahoma) yesterday! it was such a sound for sore ears! The promise of spring is sure in the air!

    1. Dee Nash

      Robin, how wonderful to hear about your tilling and preparing of the soil. I would love to see your farm one day. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  7. Marian StClair

    Here’s hoping 2013 offers a better growing season for you and the gardeners and farmers in your region. So far, we’ve had good rain in the Upstate of SC since the first of the year, which is a boon to our lakes and resevoirs. Unfortunatly, it’s been warmer than usual and the peach growers are stressed about getting the number of chill nights needed for productive fruiting. I’m thinking about my friends in New York and Boston today too. Weather is really crazy all over the place, isn’t it?!

    1. Dee Nash

      Hi Marian, yes, the poor farmers. They’ve taken it on the chin for two seasons. I bet the peach growers are very worried. Ours always worry too. Those late freezes are devastating. The weather is simply nuts.~~Dee

  8. Lisa at Greenbow

    Yes, we gardeners are a hopeful bunch. As I looked out this morning the wind was whipping around. I saw several yellow crocus buds awaiting some sunshine to open to. I hope the sun waits until I return home to shine so I can see them open. Have a great weekend.

    1. Dee Nash

      I love those early yellow crocus. They cheer my winter days.~~Dee

  9. Frances

    Thank you for sharing your sparkles with us, Dee, your garden is beautiful in all seasons. The glass is wonderful!

    1. Dee Nash

      Thank you Frances. I feel the same way about your TN garden.

  10. Leslie

    The winter landscape does have a different beauty. You inspire me to look and appreciate what is there now and be calm about what may come later.

    1. Dee Nash

      Thank you Leslie. You inspire me with your words and your gentle spirit that shines through your writing.

  11. Layanee

    Love the photos and I want some of those glass flowers. They look fabulous in your blmg.

    1. Dee Nash

      Thanks Layanee. I bought those flowers at a glass blowing shop in Edmond.