Too tired to post

I feel a post percolating about the fires and rebirth, but having just returned from GWA, I’m too tired to write it today. My home and garden were spared–the fire was several miles away–but many were not so lucky. Below are two recent posts from Fiskars and Lowe’s. If...

A pink muhly grass cloud floats behind a spiky yucca. I thought the juxtaposition begged to be photographed.

Plant Delights Nursery Lives Up to Its Name

This morning, buses arrived at 7:00 a.m. to whisk 600 plus writers, photographers, television media personalities, designers and other garden communicators to Plant Delights Nursery with side trips  to the local garden of John Dilley and Willie Pilkington and the Raleigh Farmer’s Market. What can I say?  Plant Delights...

Isodontia auripes, Brown-legged Grass-Carrying Wasp on mountain mint.

The Lazy, Crazy Days of Late Summer

There’s a frenetic energy in the garden now. When I open the gate, the air is abuzz. With their voracious appetites, caterpillars munch to attain maximum girth before pupating. Adult Monarchs gather strength before continuing on their journey to Mexico. Where only weeks ago, the bees, wasps, hummingbird moths...


August Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day Brings Rain

On this August 15th, we’ve had rain showers for two straight days with more rain headed our way. As Oklahoma gardeners, it seems our fate to always have too much of everything. August usually brings that in the form of too much heat and sun, but after Pam’s lovely...