David Austin roses for the humid south?

As a garden writer, it’s that time of year when I’m sent plants to test in my garden.  Yesterday, I came home to a large box with David Austin Roses written on the side.  I nearly whooped with excitement because these roses were ones I’m excited to evaluate. A...


‘Carefree Beauty’ rose

Tired of hearing about cold and snow?  Me too. Instead, let us speak of times past, particularly of summer, when the garden posed for one giant beauty shot, and my ‘Carefree Beauty’ rose was at her peak. Imagine. You step outside, the screen door slapping at your heels, and...


Why ‘Old Blush’ is also called Common Monthly

Some roses are simply easy to love.  Rosa chinensis ‘Old Blush’, supposedly hardy to USDA Zone 6 (and definitely to Zone 7a), goes by many different monikers, including ‘Parson’s Pink China’ (as it is still known in England), “Old Pink Daily,” “Daisy Rose,” and “Common Monthly.”  As a shrub...