Falling for fall

What is it about fall that stirs our imagination? On Pinterest, the boards displaying the best of autumnal blessings are lighting up like candles. I have two myself, Falling for Fall and Harvest Time, and I may add more as the season progresses. From what I see, four themes...


Bulb story

Once upon a time, there was a very earnest young gardener who imagined a field of tulips, ‘Red Emperor’ of course. She bought a big bag at the local store, came home, gathered her gardening bucket, her special bulb transplanter and gloves. Going outside, she dug holes at least...


Why ‘Old Blush’ is also called Common Monthly

Some roses are simply easy to love.  Rosa chinensis ‘Old Blush’, supposedly hardy to USDA Zone 6 (and definitely to Zone 7a), goes by many different monikers, including ‘Parson’s Pink China’ (as it is still known in England), “Old Pink Daily,” “Daisy Rose,” and “Common Monthly.”  As a shrub...