February garden chores: bit by bit

February has decided it’s March, and so the late winter season waltzes on into spring. Many years ago, I read Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott, wherein Lamott’s father told her the only way to accomplish anything–including writing a book–was “bird by bird.”...


Hello hellebore!

So glad to see you sweet hellebore. Missed your sunny face all winter. What about your sisters, they of the drooping heads? Why don’t they let us have  a peek? You are always first to the party even ahead of H. nigersmithii ‘Ivory Prince.’ Hello Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane.’...


Heavenly Hellebores

In the late winter or early spring, is there any plant with more ephemeral beauty than the Hellebore? Granted, you have to stand on your head to see some of them, but according to many yoga practices and Martha Stewart, inversion is a good way to refresh the body...