Too tired to post

I feel a post percolating about the fires and rebirth, but having just returned from GWA, I’m too tired to write it today. My home and garden were spared–the fire was several miles away–but many were not so lucky. Below are two recent posts from Fiskars and Lowe’s. If...


Oklahoma, you’re doing fine

Recently, Cheryl over at The Prairie Maid suggested a new meme called Oklahoma, You’re Doing Fine. On the last Friday of each month, Oklahoma bloggers will write about why it’s great to be an Oklahoman.  This month’s topic is Growin Up Okie. For me, Growin’ up Okie meant: Feeling...


Great Garden Standbys

Orignally published in the Spring 2008 OHS Horticulture Horizons newsletter. As avid gardeners, we search out the newest and best each spring, and we are tantalized by those plants with large advertising budgets: the “new and improved” hybrids, some of which do great here; others, quickly die. For example:...