Wish you were here

Remember all that boring stuff I wrote about the snow and ice only a couple of weeks ago? Although it started out foggy this morning, it’s now 78F and beautiful outside. I’d love to tell you I’m planting hellebores or something, but I’ve got four articles due this week,...


Record breaking snowfall hits Oklahoma

Yesterday, at least twelve and a half inches of white stuff fell on central and north central Oklahoma. Tulsa got even more snow, but we’re all just glad we don’t live in southeast Oklahoma where they had ice. I’ll take snow any day over ice. It’s beautiful, but dangerous...


Three for Thursday: our new pup

Today, HH and I traveled through Sac and Fox country and then the Osage Nation all the way to Skiatook, Oklahoma. Here’s why. Our other Lab, Prancer, who is black, is about thirteen years old. We’ve been talking about pups for a year or so, and after I found...