Magnoia 'Jane'

And, so the garden season begins

With a flourish, Spring opens her petals and waves her branches in a cheery hello. Even today’s cloudy skies can’t dim her enthusiasm. And, so the garden season begins. The fruit trees are gorgeous this year. Must be all that winter rain and snow. We’re still in a drought, but at...


Garden questions from a reader moving to Oklahoma

A reader, Molly, wrote me the sweetest email, and because I thought her questions reflected others I’d received, I thought I’d answer them here.  Her email is below: Good day. I’m moving to Blanchard, OK this spring and need a crash course in red dirt gardening! I’m an avid...

Rosa Carefree Beauty and maiden hair grass both blooming.

‘Carefree Beauty’ rose

Tired of hearing about cold and snow?  Me too. Instead, let us speak of times past, particularly of summer, when the garden posed for one giant beauty shot, and my ‘Carefree Beauty’ rose was at her peak. Imagine. You step outside, the screen door slapping at your heels, and...

A pink muhly grass cloud floats behind a spiky yucca. I thought the juxtaposition begged to be photographed.

Plant Delights Nursery Lives Up to Its Name

This morning, buses arrived at 7:00 a.m. to whisk 600 plus writers, photographers, television media personalities, designers and other garden communicators to Plant Delights Nursery with side trips  to the local garden of John Dilley and Willie Pilkington and the Raleigh Farmer’s Market. What can I say?  Plant Delights...