So many seeds, so little time.

Buying seeds

It’s good and bad when seed catalogs show up in our mail boxes just before Christmas. The good part is they give gardeners something to do when everything outdoors is brown and gray. If you’re lucky and live where you get snow, at least it’s pretty. Here, everything is rather ugly...


In the slow lane

The Slow Food garden situated in the center of Indianapolis incorporates mind and body in its teaching while gardeners grow unique veggies. Here is some of what I saw: Like this:Like Loading...


Dear friends and gardeners, 2010, week one

Does anyone remember the series of letters Carol from May Dreams Gardens and Mary Ann from Gardens of the Wild, Wild West and I wrote to each other last summer profiling our vegetable gardens?  We enjoyed our comparisons, and hope you did too, because we’re doing it again this...


An ongoing and clandestine love affair

This year, I swore no indoor seed growing.  Here’s why: I really don’t have a place for them except the basement (where I’ll forget to water). The seedlings get leggy from not enough light (although I use full spectrum, grow lights); and quite frankly, I don’t wanna. After placing...


Kitchen Gardener magazine arrives!

About a hundred years ago, when I first started gardening out here in the country in my red dirt, I subscribed to Kitchen Gardener magazine (formerly known as Kitchen Garden).  Like a vegetable garden bible, I carried this magazine everywhere, and I read its bimonthly issue cover to cover. ...


Random end of season tomato thoughts

Last month, as I worked in the garden, picking the last of the green tomatoes, ripe ‘Yummy’ peppers and a couple of overlooked carrots and green onions, I reflected on  how my tomatoes performed this season.  The best grower and producer of any tomato was ‘Giant Belgium.’  GB outperformed...