Tiffany Blue Gluten Free/Casein Free Cupcakes

december-003.jpgSometimes you can have it all. The Diva (my high school aged daughter) and I made these cupcakes this morning for our large family party tonight. We wanted the icing to be Tiffany Blue and the cupcake papers to be silver. We found a way for both. A very light application of Royal Blue food coloring by Wilton will turn icing the famous hue, which also resembles the color of French royalty. I made the gluten free vanilla and chocolate cake recipes from Cooking Free by Carol Fenster, a favorite cookbook of mine, and the dairy free icing came from a recipe I saw at Gluten Free Mom. It goes with her Christmas cookie recipe. I baked those cookies as well last week, and they were wonderful. The secret to the icing is almond milk.

december-004.jpgWe ate these at the party, and no one knew they were created without dairy or wheat. One cousin asked me about them when she saw me eating one. I told her my secret. One of the male cousins told me the icing color made him sick, but what does he know?

I just wanted to share my joy with you all. It isn’t easy being GF/CF, especially during the holidays, but it is possible and can be delicious. My goodness, that last comment sounded like Martha Stewart. I must be watching too much HGTV and Fine Living, but I can’t help it. All the Christmas shows are so much fun. Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Lynde,

    I’m thinking of wearing food coloring in my hair for all special occasions. Look for red and blue when we celebrate the 4th of July!!


    I think your recipes are “the bomb!” Thanks for making my life sweeter.


    Some people feel like they have to critique everyone’s stuff. No worries. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I think the blue and silver is a wonderful combination….I wouldn’t worry about the color making someone feel sick – you can’t please everyone.

  3. Hi Dee,

    I am glad you have discovered the joy of almond milk. I love it as well. You will soon find you are using it in everything. It makes wonderful salad dressings.

    Love the blue frosting!!

    Jamie @

  4. Those cupcakes WERE delicious! And the color was to die for! I especially liked the Tiffany Blue matching streak in your hair. You are such a hip mom.

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