Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden Book Giveaway

Guess what! I’m doing another book giveaway with the help of Chronicle Books and Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm.  I love Erin’s work. Don’t know Erin? Well, where have you been? She’s an extremely popular flower farmer, cut-flower style setter, mother, seed purveyor, and so much more. Erin’s Instagram account boasts 389,000 + followers. Can you say, “Wow!?…

Sunflowers are awesome

When your mom is in the hospital again, what do you send her? Instead of indoor plant she will later pass off to you or let die, how about a sunflower bouquet? A few weeks ago, Andy from the Sunflower Guy wrote and asked me if he could send me a sunflower bouquet for review….