Dear Friends and Gardeners Week 18

Dahlia 'Arabian Night'
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

Dear Carol, Mary Ann and Everyone,

Although the perennials are doing well, as I write this, the vegetables seem lackluster to me.  I am impatient for vegetable bounty to adorn my table and my stomach, but I am still waiting.  The tiny zucchini still appears to be growing, and so do the tomatoes, but nothing, alas nothing, is edible except a few paltry ‘Sungold’ cherry tomatoes.  Those I ate while hoeing.  Carol, you’d be proud.

Do you discern from my writing that I’ve been reading Regency novels?  Nothing could be more true.  I just finished And Only to Deceive (Lady Emily Mysteries, Book 1). It was fun, but back to veggie talk.

Mary Ann, I took your advice on the diatomaceous earth.  It seems to have stopped the damage.  I also dusted the two tomato plants which had the most hornworm damage with Bt, Bacillus thuringiensis.  I haven’t seen any hornworms since.  I didn’t dust the other plants which were unaffected.

One of the triangular beds with Mexican fountain grass in the foreground
One of the triangular beds with Mexican fountain grass in the foreground

I now remember why I like bush beans better than pole beans.  Every year, in the garden magazines, I see these charming tripods covered with beautiful bean vines.  This year, I fell for their charm and ordered only pole beans.  However, for some reason, in Oklahoma, the pole beans are not productive.  They grow and grow with very few blossoms.  I now remember that I had this problem one other season when I grew them.  Perhaps, it’s the heat discouraging them from setting pods.  Bush beans grow quickly and bear the same way.  Disgusted, I planted some bush beans this week, ‘Top Crop’.  We’ll see how they do.

Last night, on the 4th of July, we received 3/4 of an inch of rain.  It never rains in Oklahoma on the 4th.  The cold front that came through was sorely needed.

Carol, I’ve heard a rumor that you bought some daylilies.  I am ecstatic.

H. 'Eyes on the Prize' (Emmerich 2002)
H. 'Eyes on the Prize' (Emmerich 2002)

Love y’all,

Bacillus thuringiensis


  1. Love the colors of the Eyes on the Prize; I like the 4 o’clocks about to bloom around them, too! That dahlia is spectacular, I’ve never seen that color!
    .-= nola at the alamo´s last blog ..A Little Help From My Friends… =-.
    Hi Nola, thank you so much. The first two blooms were a bit muddy, but now it has settled in to look pretty good. I do need to move some of the daylilies this year which don’t go with anything at all.~~Dee

  2. Ashley Ann says:

    Dee, a while back I had emailed asking you advice for a flower garden I wanted to start. You asked me to send you some pics. I wanted to let you know I posted some on my blog (you might have to scroll down a post or two). There is still much to do, but I think it is a good start. Thanks for your help!!!
    Ashley Ann, I’ll be right over. Can’t wait to see it.~~Dee

  3. Tatyana says:

    Dee, the colors of the dahlia and the daylily are so dramatic! Love them!
    .-= Tatyana´s last blog ..10 things about me =-.
    Tatyana, thank you so much.~~Dee

  4. Jamie says:


    What a beautiful, deep chocolate dahlia! I love dahlias very much and became smitten with them last year. Great post, loved the pictures!

    .-= Jamie´s last blog ..I Love Progress =-.
    Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by. Isn’t that color just beautiful? I hope it blooms more than it has.~~Dee

  5. Curtis says:

    Same here Dee not much for eating I did however pick a crook neck squash yesterday.
    Curtis, what is up with our Oklahoma gardens?~~Dee

  6. That’s a gorgeous Dahlia you’ve got. I’m still waiting for mine to do more than put out leaves. I’ll have to check out that book series. I could go for some fiction that takes me out of the modern world.
    .-= Mr. McGregor’s Daughter´s last blog ..Reality Bites – July =-.
    MMD, thank you. I hope you like the book. It’s a big change from science fiction.~~Dee

  7. Dee, the rumors are true, I did buy some daylilies, and will post about them soon. I also had the same problem with pole beans, lots of leaves and vines, but no beans. You’ll be happy to know I picked a mess of bush beans this morning! I’m happy to hear you’ve been hoeing in your garden, too!
    .-= Carol, May Dreams Gardens´s last blog ..Letters to Gardening Friends, July 5, 2009 =-.
    All I can say is Woo-hoo!!!~~Dee

  8. I was thinking it doesn’t look hot in that picture, though I’ve been told otherwise.
    .-= Kathy from Cold Climate Gardening´s last blog .. =-.
    The last few days have been blissful.~~Dee

  9. Cindy, MCOK says:

    The triangular bed is just gorgeous … love that picture with the lake as backdrop. I’m glad you got some rain and cooler temperatures.
    .-= Cindy, MCOK´s last blog ..Through the Garden Gate: Monday, June 29th =-.
    Cindy, I wish you would get some.~~Dee

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