Spring 2015 was a very good year in the garden. Plenty of rain and sunshine both. How to Balance garden desires.

How to balance garden desires

There comes a time in every gardener’s life when she realizes she can’t grow it all. Gardeners by their very nature fall in love with most plants, especially new ones, and cottage gardeners like me? We have no self-control. That’s probably how cottage gardening started. The lady of the manor...

Giant Swallowtail on Bright Eyes phlox.

Ten tips to get started gardening

It’s January. Time for the annual seed catalog roundup, but I don’t want to do one, so I’m not going to. I’m working on several new speaking engagements for spring and summer, and my head is full of other information. I’ve done seed catalogs before. From those posts, you can...

Hyacinths in a vintage blue forcing bowl. This is one of my favorites. I'm impatient for the hyacinths to bloom.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, January

The only things blooming at RDR in January are those in my indoor garden: amaryllis, hyacinths, daffodils and lily of the valley, to name a few. This living menagerie is enough to get me through winter. As I wrote last week, blooming plants beat the winter blues. I started forcing hyacinths...

Budding hyacinth on forcing vase.

Blooming plants beat the winter blues

I don’t know how you feel about winter, but if you’ve read RDR in the last eight years, you know it’s not my favorite season. That’s an understatement. Oklahoma skies are gray and bleak throughout January and February, which can give a red dirt girl the winter blues. I see...

So many seeds, so little time.

Goodbye 2015, but before you go….

Two thousand fifteen, you were an exceptional year, and a lot happened around the Red Dirt ranch. It’s nearly time to move on to the babe of 2016, but first, let’s reflect over our journey together before you go. After the holidays, January felt like the cold, dark days of winter....

Gluten free nutmeg muffins for Christmas

Marion Cunningham’s Nutmeg Muffins Gluten Free

Today, on Christmas Eve, I got a craving for The Last Word in Nutmeg Muffins, so I scanned my kitchen bookshelves for one of my greatest treasures, The Breakfast Book, by Marion Cunningham. It was published in 1987, a lifetime ago–I bought it before I married Bill–but Cunningham’s recipes are timeless. As I...

Merry Christmas Shiny Brite

Christmas decor, a tale of two minds

When it comes to decorating for Advent and Christmas, I’m of two minds. On the one hand, I live in a log cabin, which just begs for natural decorations and flowers forced inside. I’m also a garden writer, so, in winter, I surround myself with green and growing plants. Otherwise,...