Rain chains are jewelry for your gutters

A few years ago I installed a rain chain right outside my kitchen window where I write each morning. As I hung it, I thought how much it looked like jewelry for my gutters–like delicate earrings for the home.

Rain chain hanging from my log house.
Copper rain chain hanging from my log house. Although it is super shiny now, it will eventually change to a darker patina.

A few weeks ago, Rain Chains Direct asked me to review one of their rain chains. I was able to choose the one I wanted to review. For the most part, I have quit reviewing products on the blog, but copper rain chains are special. So, I went over to their website and chose the copper blossoms chain. They also kindly sent me a gutter installer mount. Both of these worked great. When it rained last week, the rain chain did its thing, and I captured it in photographs. The rain was coming down very hard and splashed over the edge of the chain, but this didn’t seem to hurt anything. Perhaps, with a gutter reducer (which narrows the gutter), no splashing would have occurred.

Rain chain from Rain Chains Direct in last week's rain.
Rain chain from Rain Chains Direct in last week’s rain.

Rain chains work great, but you will need some sort of catch basin at the bottom to stop splashing and soil erosion. Some options include: rain barrels with a mosquito screen; a copper basin like mine below; rocks to break the flow of water; or even a rain garden with a dry stream bed. Rain chains allow for a lot more creativity around the home too. I love my catch basin. For a rain barrel, only half of a rain chain would probably be needed.

Copper rain basin with blue rocks.
Copper rain basin with blue rocks. This copper rain basin is older than the brand new chain so you can see the difference in patina. Eventually, the rain chain will darken and deepen in color. I assume it will eventually also turn green, but I’m not sure. My other rain chain hasn’t yet.

Rain chains are so much prettier than gutter downspouts. In Oklahoma, rain falls seldom enough it should be celebrated. There is nothing like the feeling of sitting down to the computer, a cup tea at your left hand and gazing out at the rain chain as it sings with merriment. Any time I can add a little coppery bling to my home, I’m happy to do it. What do you think about rain chains? Would you add one to your home?

As I wrote above in compliance with FTC guidelines, I received this rain chain free of charge for a fair and honest review. It works great.


  1. Yours are so pretty! They are on my wish list but I am now thinking rain barrels first. I love the old rain barrel at Rhone Street garden. Happy Autumn, happy to know you love it too!

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Hi Laurin, you can use a half chain with rain barrels. You probably already knew that, but just in case someone else didn’t.

  2. sandy lawrence says:

    I first saw and fell in love with rain chains in Japan. I agree – such a visual treat over gutter downspouts. I have a copper one bought several years ago as a birthday present for myself. The top unit is a teapot in pouring position, and all the “catcher” links in the chain are little teacups sitting in saucers. All weathered now to the green copper patina. My catch basin below is a vintage milk can with missing lid. I guess that’s milk for the tea. 🙂

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Sandy, that sounds super cute. I have seen the teapot one before somewhere. Love it!

  3. commonweeder says:

    I don’t have gutters, but we are planning to put a rain chain, one of these flowery ones, on the new shed we are building at the famous Bridge of Flowers.

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Pat, I think you’ll love it. So refreshing to see the water falling down.

  4. VP says:

    I loved seeing Scott’s rainchain in action at the Fling. I even put a little video of it on my blog 🙂 We have a problem gutter (it overflows far too readily) and I’d love to put a rainchain there.

    1. Dee Nash says:

      VP, I hope you do too. I saw my first rain chain in person in Chicago. I’ve loved them ever since.

  5. I love watching a rain chain at work. This one is definitely in the ‘garden jewelry’ category.

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Like blossom earrings. 🙂

  6. I have one that hangs off my porch and it is stunning. A clematis grows right up it too and what a sight.

    1. Dee Nash says:

      Oh Donna, I bet that is pretty. So much nicer than gutter downspouts.

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