Phlox divaricata, woodland phlox with Nassella tenuissima, Mexican feather grass

Grow this! Phlox divaricata

Although tulips and narcissus are pretty, Phlox divaricata is the one perennial that makes my spring garden sing. It softly hums home to me. I think you should grow it too. Here are five reasons why: It’s blue or purple depending upon the variety you grow. Gardeners are always looking for blue plants. I have...

Violas in the garden overwintered from last fall. So beautiful.

Easter garden

Happy Easter my friends! I hope that all of you who celebrate Christ’s resurrection have a joyous and blessed day. We’re headed to church this morning, and I’m excited lent is over. For everyone else, I hope Easter whispers spring’s message of rebirth, and you hear it in gentle warm...

The Rising Sun redbud in my garden--Dee Nash--Oklahoma redbuds

Wildflower Wednesday: Oklahoma redbuds

Long before Oklahoma’s mighty oaks show a little green, along creek beds and in the dappled shade of larger trees, a purple haze breaks through the winter gray. Cercis canadensis var. texensis ‘Oklahoma,’ commonly known as Oklahoma redbuds, are one of our first signs that winter is waning. The common name...

Majestic old oak next to back garden against Oklahoma blue sky. Native plants know freezes happen.

Freezes happen

Freezes happen in spring so be prepared. You may remember I cautioned against getting too excited over spring's warm temperatures and gentle breezes. It's only March. We still have a month before Oklahoma's last average freeze date of April 20, and freezes happen.

Winter Jewels Cherry Blossom hellebore new to me this year.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: Is it really March?

Can this only be March 15 and Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day? The temperature feels like late April, but before you run to the nursery and get tender plants, please don’t. This weekend, Oklahoma is forecasted to get down to 34°F which is too cold for tender tropicals–the basis of our summer gardens. We...

'El Brighto' coleus. Image courtesy of Proven Winners.

Crazy ’bout coleus

After last week’s beautiful summer foliage post, I promised you another entry devoted entirely to coleus. I’m crazy ’bout coleus, and I think you will be too when you consider all the summer gardening possibilities. As I’ve written before, tropical plants are a summer garden’s best friend. That’s not...

Japanese false nettle, Boehmeria nipononivea 'Kogane Mushi,' with Phlox paniculata in partial shade.

Beautiful foliage carries the summer garden

A garden without beautiful foliage is boring especially in the middle of a hot summer. Except in Oklahoma’s most temperate years, most flowers slow down or even stop. That’s why roses in my part of the country are spring and fall performers. They hang on through summer petulant and miserable as only...