Blueberry shrub in fall--Dee Nash--Red Dirt Ramblings

Before you start a vegetable garden

Everyone’s mind and searches are on vegetable gardening right now. Those seed catalogs are like the Sirens’ song, aren’t they? Before you start a vegetable garden, ask yourself a few questions beyond which vegetables are easiest to grow. Sometimes, long-time gardeners act as though you should know exactly what to do right...

My youngest daughter holding radishes

Why garden?

Why do you want to garden? People plunge their hands into the soil for a variety of reasons. Are you following in your grandmother, grandfather, or parents’ footsteps? Did your mother ever build a sunflower house just for you, or did your father let you play in the garden next to him? Then, again, maybe you...

So many seeds, so little time.

Buying seeds

It’s good and bad when seed catalogs show up in our mail boxes just before Christmas. The good part is they give gardeners something to do when everything outdoors is brown and gray. If you’re lucky and live where you get snow, at least it’s pretty. Here, everything is rather ugly...

Like Tap, our chocolate Lab, I've been thinking deep thoughts. Doesn't he look like king of all he surveys.

In the cold, dark days of winter….

Good morning friends. It’s 18F degrees outside, but in my log cabin, all is cozy and warm. I hope that all of you are doing well in this brand new year. By the way, doesn’t Tap look like king of all he surveys? I caught him gazing off in the distance yesterday....

Cardinal on red chair in the snow. Red birds in the snow

Red birds in the snow

In much of Oklahoma, we woke up to a surprise snowfall this morning. The weather forecasters thought we would get rain. It may be rain, but it’s frozen. All the better to show off red birds in the snow against dark branches. Traffic was slow going, and accidents were...

Rosa 'Carefree Beauty' against an old fence in my back garden.

Gifts for Gardeners: The British Book Edition

British garden books are a whole different flavor from American ones. I think the ones below would make great gifts for any gardener on your list. These books are my current British favorites. Some I was sent through the American arm of their publisher while others I purchased for myself....

Begonia blooming in the greenhouse. Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: December

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: December

Oklahoma is cloudy and wet on this December Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day hosted each month by Carol Michel at May Dreams Gardens. Cold is supposed to return tomorrow. Oh joy. Each morning for the last two weeks, I woke to mostly gray skies and fog. This advection fog is an...