Growing amaryllis is easy

I like hippeastrum. What are hippeastrum you ask? We know them as amaryllis. When I write that I like them, I mean I’m a hipp-aholic. They brighten my house with their stately blooms before Christmas and after. Growing amaryllis is easy, and I want you to grow them too. Plus,...

Greenhouse, cold frame and covered up potager

Greenhouse musings, and Moo Poo Tea giveaway!

Since the weather is singing a wintry tune, it’s time for greenhouse musings and a moo poo tea giveaway. First, the musings. Bill and I weren’t ready for the sudden cold snap when it came. Although we have propane heat with an electric backup, we forgot to check the propane before...

'Emperor of China' mum

It is well with my garden

November 5, and it is well with my garden. Gradually, flowers are slowing down, but roses were still blooming in the blustery day that preceded yesterday’s rain. ‘Carefree Beauty’ seems to have come out of her slump of two months and is blooming freely now. She grows near two roses that...

Salvia elegens 'Golden Delicious' pineapple sage in front of my red fountain. #nofilter

Tropical plants, a hot summer garden’s best friend

Next to colorful annuals, tropical plants are a hot summer garden’s best friend. In Oklahoma and much of the middle South, tropical plants are grown successfully as annuals. Yes, in a mid-south climate, they die at winter’s end, but that’s okay. If you take cuttings, you can keep your favorites going year...

Zinnias with purple chairs.

Annuals are flashy garden accessories

If perennials are the little black dresses of the garden world, then annuals are gardening’s flashy accessories. They bring color to our lives. They brighten up shady spots. They bloom their entire seasons, cool or warm, with very little help from us. Please don’t leave annuals out of your planting design....

April Moon rose

Garden Holes of Opportunity

From several conversations I’ve had with gardeners lately, I know you’re worried about my roses. I’m worried too, but I am trying to take a proactive approach toward Rose Rosette Disease without letting it upset me too much. I’ve cried and stamped my feet enough. I’m calling the spots...

An unknown dahlia. I overwintered it in the greenhouse. Dahlias are so slow to start blooming, don't you think?

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: October

Good morning or afternoon depending upon when I get this October edition of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day posted. Thank you to Carol from May Dreams Gardens who makes this fun possible. A few days ago, I profiled plants for pollinators, and I’ll try not to rehash those blooms, but I...