Japanese false nettle, Boehmeria nipononivea 'Kogane Mushi,' with Phlox paniculata in partial shade.

Beautiful foliage carries the summer garden

A garden without beautiful foliage is boring especially in the middle of a hot summer. Except in Oklahoma’s most temperate years, most flowers slow down or even stop. That’s why roses in my part of the country are spring and fall performers. They hang on through summer petulant and miserable as only...

The Water-Saving Garden, by Pam Penick.

The Water-Saving Garden book party & giveaway

Before I mustered the courage to leap into the blogosphere on October 7, 2007, I read other blogs, especially those focused upon my passion for gardening. I spent months swooning over landscapes built by people I admired all over the U.S., and later, the world. Some of my favorite blogs live in...

Orchids in one of the show gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

A Report from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

I’m back from speaking at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. What a whirlwind trip and a breath of Spring! My suitcases are bulging with gifts, and I also snuck in a few dahlias and a peony I’ve never grown, ‘Myrtle Gentry.’ I’m told it truly is dinner-plate sized. Time...

Spring 2015 was a very good year in the garden. Plenty of rain and sunshine both. How to Balance garden desires.

How to balance garden desires

There comes a time in every gardener’s life when she realizes she can’t grow it all. Gardeners by their very nature fall in love with most plants, especially new ones, and cottage gardeners like me? We have no self-control. That’s probably how cottage gardening started. The lady of the manor...

Giant Swallowtail on Bright Eyes phlox.

Ten tips to start gardening

It’s January. Time for the annual seed catalog roundup, but I don’t want to do one, so I’m not going to. I’m working on several new speaking engagements for spring and summer, and my head is full of other information. I’ve done seed catalogs before. From those posts, you can...

Hyacinths in a vintage blue forcing bowl. This is one of my favorites. I'm impatient for the hyacinths to bloom.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, January

The only things blooming at RDR in January are those in my indoor garden: amaryllis, hyacinths, daffodils and lily of the valley, to name a few. This living menagerie is enough to get me through winter. As I wrote last week, blooming plants beat the winter blues. I started forcing hyacinths...