Hemerocallis 'Derrick Cane' (Brooks-B., 1992) is my darkest daylily. Planted with a bit of afternoon shade, it holds its nearly black color all day.

Come on over to daylily’s dark side

Imagine, for a moment, Darth Vader holding a daylily scape in his hand instead of a light saber. He’s exhorting Luke Skywalker to come on over to the dark side, but instead of talking about the Force, he’s speaking of velvety soft and dark daylily blooms. How could Luke ever...

Tiered borders stuffed to the brim.

With rain, the garden grows

This year, I am reminded that gardening is so much easier when the sun doesn’t overwhelm plants suffering from drought. With a little rain, the garden grows in beauty and grace. The last three years Oklahoma suffered with high temperatures and terrible drought, not as terrible as California, but bad enough. Even...

H. 'Jedi Blue Note' with green frog.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, June 2014

One the great gifts of Carol Michel’s long-running meme, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, is the chronicling of one’s own garden throughout the years. I’ve participated most months since May 15, 2008, when I wrote about my David Austin roses. Since I’ve done this for so many seasons, I find some things...

Hemerocallis 'Radiation Biohazard'

Daylily season is in full swing

We’ve reached my husband’s favorite time of the gardening year, and coincidentally, it always occurs right around his birthday. It is daylily season, and we are in full swing. Whenever Bill gets home from work and once we’ve had dinner, he and I walk the gardens to see the day’s blooms. I’m charmed...

Hemerocallis 'Always and Forever' (Cl. Barnes 1998)

Reading and weeding on a rain-soaked Monday

Since last Thursday, it’s rained every day throughout most of Oklahoma. I took these pictures after this morning’s rain. I’m not sure how much rain we’ve received because I forgot to empty my rain gauge before drops began to fall. According to the Oklahoma Mesonet, Guthrie received 3.28 inches...

Side of the greenhouse and red fountain. I'm toying with the idea of keeping it up and running this year.

Garden Book Celebration at Gardening Gone Wild

When my friend, Fran Sorin, asked if I wanted The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A No-Fuss, Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Stuff (St. Lynn’s Press 2014) to be part of her garden book celebration at Gardening Gone Wild, I jumped at the chance. I’m excited to be...

New Rosa 'Darcey Bussell' rose for the Mary garden.

Speaking of tough roses

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at Roses, Inc. Green Country in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, one of my favorite towns. Speaking about tough roses for the Oklahoma landscape, makes me think of all the roses I’ve loved and grown here. It is a wonderful...