One of my yellow baptisias. I don't know the cultivar.

Wildflower Wednesday in Oklahoma

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Gail Eichelberger’s Wildflower Wednesday meme, I want to share some of the wildflowers I grow in Oklahoma. Over the past five years, my garden has leaned closer and closer to a wildflower pollinator haven. Whenever I must remove a rose because of Rose Rosette...

The vegetable patch at the beginning of July, 2012

Seeds bought this spring…so far

These are the seeds which made their way into my virtual shopping cart from all over the Internet so far this spring. I decided to share them with you so we’d both know what I’m planting this year. Some are for the vegetable garden. Others are flowers that may go...

Rosa 'Darcey Bussell'

Time to Prune Roses

It’s time to prune roses in Oklahoma if you have any not yet stricken by Rose Rosette Virus. If your rose has Rose Rosette, shovel prune that puppy and bag it. Do not put the diseased plant on your compost pile. As of 2015, you cannot save an infected...

Blueberry shrub in fall--Dee Nash--Red Dirt Ramblings

Before you start a vegetable garden

Everyone’s mind and searches are on vegetable gardening right now. Those seed catalogs are like the Sirens’ song, aren’t they? Before you start a vegetable garden, ask yourself a few questions beyond which vegetables are easiest to grow. Sometimes, long-time gardeners act as though you should know exactly what to do right...

My youngest daughter holding radishes

Why garden?

Why do you want to garden? People plunge their hands into the soil for a variety of reasons. Are you following in your grandmother, grandfather, or parents’ footsteps? Did your mother ever build a sunflower house just for you, or did your father let you play in the garden next to him? Then, again, maybe you...

Like Tap, our chocolate Lab, I've been thinking deep thoughts. Doesn't he look like king of all he surveys.

In the cold, dark days of winter….

Good morning friends. It’s 18F degrees outside, but in my log cabin, all is cozy and warm. I hope that all of you are doing well in this brand new year. By the way, doesn’t Tap look like king of all he surveys? I caught him gazing off in the distance yesterday....