Yellow and pink poinsettia, probably 'Mars Marble.'

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: Christmas Flowers

December Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day is all about Christmas Flowers at RDR. While waiting for the big day, I’ve been decorating and using some of my favorite Christmas flowers like amaryllis in my color scheme. This year, I’ve focused upon pink, white, red and green. For other amaryllis colors,...

Placing the bulb in the hyacinth vase

Hyacinth vases

I began forcing hyacinths in vases several years ago. I became enamored of the process, and it’s now a ritual to take out the vases, wash all of them in soapy water and get them ready for their hyacinth bulbs. They spend most of the year in a broom closet...

'Republic of Texas' orange tree that grows in the greenhouse over winter. The oranges are very good.

Growing plants in the greenhouse

Have you ever wanted a greenhouse? Most obsessive gardeners do, and who could blame them? Growing plants in a greenhouse is one of those exquisite pleasures Victorian gardeners understood. A greenhouse or sunroom full of plants gets a gardener through the cold, dark days of winter. This is the third winter...

Rosa 'Heritage'

Let me tell you a story

Instead of my normal Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day post, let me tell you a story. It’s a story that still gives me chills, but in the best kind of way. I don’t think I’ve told you all this story before, but if I have, please forgive me. The recent...

Avignon, Mrs. John T. Scheepers and La Courtine tulips from the Scheepers Hybrid mix.

Gardens take planning

The United States went off daylight saving time and back to standard time last weekend. That means the dark closes in more quickly in the evenings, and if you live in Oklahoma, you often wake up in darkness too. Not the best time for gardeners who crave the sun...

Arbor with Virginia creeper turning red in fall and purple chairs

After the tour

After last Saturday’s garden tour, I find myself in a reflective mood. You had questions. I’ve got answers. I couldn’t get to all of you on tour day so I’ll address some things here. I also heard some people didn’t get to visit. It was a great tour. I’m...

Cestrum 'Orange Peel' with 'Pink Preference' autumn sage is one of my favorite plant combos. Both are hardy here. I'm planting them on the other side of the path next spring for symmetry.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, Dateline October

Hello gang! I bet you thought I would be MIA for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Nope, I ran outside this morning to take a few photos of what’s blooming at RDR. I restricted today’s pics to the back garden and the back borders. I...