Side of the greenhouse and red fountain. I'm toying with the idea of keeping it up and running this year.

Garden Book Celebration at Gardening Gone Wild

When my friend, Fran Sorin, asked if I wanted The 20-30 Something Garden Guide: A No-Fuss, Down and Dirty, Gardening 101 for Anyone Who Wants to Grow Stuff (St. Lynn’s Press 2014) to be part of her garden book celebration at Gardening Gone Wild, I jumped at the chance. I’m excited to be...

New Rosa 'Darcey Bussell' rose for the Mary garden.

Speaking of tough roses

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at Roses, Inc. Green Country in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, one of my favorite towns. Speaking about tough roses for the Oklahoma landscape, makes me think of all the roses I’ve loved and grown here. It is a wonderful...

A view of the back of the house from the right side of the lower garden.

Gardening like a Mad Woman

The last couple of weeks, I have gardened like a mad woman. Everything looks a lot better. Even though I’m sore, I’ll garden like crazy again today. Why? Because I’m terribly behind, and the weather has been as cool as iced green tea. Today is forecast as hot and windy,...

One of my yellow baptisias. I don't know the cultivar.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2014

Good morning everyone! It’s that time again. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is upon us. A special thank you to Carol Michel was hosting us yet again on her blog. Looking back over past bloom days, I see that I usually write about roses. Not this year. Spring has been...

A view of the screen's on P. Allen Smith's sleeping porch at Moss Mountain Farm.

Prairie sounds

We’ve had a warm spring thus far–in the 80s most days. I refuse to turn on the air conditioner as long as I can delay the inevitable. This week was cool and breezy, and tomorrow the low is 40F, kinda hard on the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant I planted last...

Japanese maple 'Tamukeyama'

Before the spring freeze

Will it freeze tonight? In our house, we always say, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Yes, it’s going to freeze. Before the projected cold front robs my garden of its spring grandeur, I took some pictures in the snow. I want to share the heartbreak that is often a prairie...


The roses took a beating

As I go about my spring chores in the garden, I’ve looked at my roses with much dismay. They aren’t well. The damage is so bad I pondered whether they have Rose Rosette Disease although I haven’t seen the characteristic foliage on any roses that remain in my garden....