Rosa 'Abraham Darby' in the border on the East side of the house. --Dee Nash--Red Dirt Ramblings

Roses I have left and Mother’s Day

The roses I have left are putting on quite a show. All this rain Oklahoma is receiving in April and May makes the garden glad to grow. Birds are singing. Bees are humming, and I saw a baby damselfly this morning on an iris. He or she got away before...

Peony with bumblebee

Irises, peonies and roses light up May Day

Good morning everyone and Happy May Day! It’s beautiful in sunny Oklahoma. Rain fell in April, and there’s more forecast for this month. Hallelujah! Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and those old-fashioned favorites: irises, peonies and roses light up my garden this May Day. How about yours? I...

Purple chairs with Ruby Slippers hydrangea and Rocket Orange barberry

Early garden mistakes often linger

Early on, when I was a young gardener, I made a lot of mistakes–truth told, I still do. The unpredictability of climate and plant performance are part of my endless fascination with all things growing. Sadly, these errors in judgment often linger for years before I get around to fixing them. Some...

Acer palmatum 'Shindeshojo' on the north side of my garage.

There is magic in the garden this spring

There is magic in the garden this spring, but there are no magic formulas to achieve such beauty. Gardening is hard work. Cutting back perennials, weeding, improving the soil and transplanting are all steps to achieving this alchemy. I planted six shrubs yesterday, two Hydrangea paniculata Quick Fire® and three H. paniculata Little...

Blooms are fairly sparse in my fall garden.

Native shrubs to replace roses

What do you do when the shrub you based your entire English-cottage-style garden upon dies? The rose, that fair-blossomed beauty, fell prey to an ugly disease which we’ve discussed here before, Rose Rosette Virus. You might begin to invest heavily in new native shrubs, choosing hardiness and diversity for your...

Magnoia 'Jane'

And, so the garden season begins

With a flourish, Spring opens her petals and waves her branches in a cheery hello. Even today’s cloudy skies can’t dim her enthusiasm. And, so the garden season begins. The fruit trees are gorgeous this year. Must be all that winter rain and snow. We’re still in a drought, but at...

Orange Rocket barberry in the lower garden with rain.

More garden plans

On this rainy, nearly spring day, I’ve been sitting at my computer and having a big think. Was it Winnie the Pooh who used to sit and have a think? I can’t remember. Anyway, these are some of my current garden thoughts and plans. They include some things I want...