So many seeds, so little time.

Buying seeds

It’s good and bad when seed catalogs show up in our mail boxes just before Christmas. The good part is they give gardeners something to do when everything outdoors is brown and gray. If you’re lucky and live where you get snow, at least it’s pretty. Here, everything is rather ugly...


Best and easiest vegetables to grow in Oklahoma

On my stats page, I’ve noticed I’m getting a lot of searches for which vegetables grow best in Oklahoma.  First let me say, growing anything in Oklahoma is a dare.  You never know if spring will suddenly end, and 108F weather will linger for days; or, whether a hail...


Dear Friends and Gardeners, April 12, 2010

Dear Carol, Mary Ann and all other gardening friends, I hope you had a good weather week. Other than the hail on April 6th, and the one cold, but not freezing night, I think we are “go” for spring. A couple of the tomatoes I planted too early have...


Dear friends and gardeners, 2010, week one

Does anyone remember the series of letters Carol from May Dreams Gardens and Mary Ann from Gardens of the Wild, Wild West and I wrote to each other last summer profiling our vegetable gardens?  We enjoyed our comparisons, and hope you did too, because we’re doing it again this...