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Snowbound thoughts: Part I, terrariums

Well, most of the snow melted in yesterday’s rain, but more ice and snow are predicted for Sunday and again next week.  I’m beginning to understand why northern gardeners go stir crazy in winter. However, as Cindy From My Corner of Katy (near Houston), wrote, “One step closer to...


The great houseplant census of 2010

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter asked all of us to take a census of our houseplants.  Somehow, this census is supposed to save her relationship with all of her houseplants, or was that her husband?  I can’t remember.  She said anything alive counts, so here goes: The above are barely living...


Other winter interest: Stems, seeds and berries

My recent posts on blooms and foliage made me reflect on those other winners in the winter garden, stems, seeds and berries.  They provide food for the birds and other animals along with structure for your garden.  In Oklahoma, the true growing season starts around the end of February...


On the occasion of the Winter Solstice

For those of us with colder temperatures, or even snow, winter seems like it arrived a few weeks ago, but according to the U.S Naval Observatory Eqinoxes and Solstices list, winter officially makes its appearance today at 12:47 p.m. Around here, temperatures are moderate with a high today of...