Reader Interactions


  1. Rose

    Sounds like a great book, Dee. Although I’ve been growing vegetables for years, there is always something new to be learned, not to mention trying new recipes–I had no idea you could eat the blossoms of sweet peas! I’m embarrassed to say that while I’ve grown kale the past couple of years, I still haven’t harvested any to eat–I just like how pretty it is:)

  2. Carolyn

    Dee you make this book sound very inviting… I will look for it.
    We’re focusing on eating healthy and this may give me some fresh ideas.

  3. Leslie

    I have pretty much stopped buying how-to garden books as so many are a bit too beginner to justify their cost. I will be buying this though…sound as if there is more than enough good info to make it a good deal!

  4. Linda

    Looks like a wonderful book, Dee. I love the photos you posted.

    I discovered dinosaur kale just about three years ago, and I can’t imagine not growing it. We’re in zone 5B, and I just harvested the last of it from one our veggie beds last week, with more still growing in a second bed, Thanks to dinosaur kale and a few other cold-hardy greens, I’ve realized I can still grow food outdoors here even in the dead of winter. Still haven’t gotten over my amazement at that.

    • Dee Nash

      Linda, I should have planted more of it this fall. In any even, I’ll be putting some in the potager in a week or so because you’re right, it is so cold hardy. I find it all amazing too.