Welcome To The Seedy Grass Motel

Gaillardia 'Burgandy' in the small meadow
Gaillardia 'Burgandy' in the small meadow

While her “Red Dirtness” was gone on vacation, we set up a little hacienda in the unmulched areas of her garden. On the left, check out her Lewis & Clark meadow that she planted last fall. She didn’t mulch it because she was trying to give the prairie seeds a chance. When she wasn’t looking we moved in. Now, we’re poised for a complete takover.

As to the other areas, we think she ran out of chopped leaves, shredded pine bark and pecan hulls just in time. Don’t you?

It’s getting pretty crowded in here, but we always have room for another Nutsedge, Bermuda grass or other seedlings of the grassy persuasion. We’ll also share space with our friend, Bindweed, who we can count on to strangle others while she covers lots of ground. However, if you’re one of those fancy-pants, grasses like ‘Overdam’ here on the right, clear out. This is our turf. We don’t take kindly to pretenders.

Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Overdam'
Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Overdam'

Any other plants she wants to sacrifice, we’ll take them on too. We know her methods, like when she grabs a hand tool and whacks away at us. We just go under ground and spring up when she least expects it. Bring them on: the pretty new Echinaceas, the expensive daylilies, the native Penstemons, the salvias and sages.

We especially like the daylilies because it is so easy to hide in their grassy looking foliage.

The Red Dirt Girl is back, and she’s working between the rainstorms, but it won’t matter. Our numbers are mighty, and we are strong.

'Cherry Queen sage
'Cherry Queen sage

We’re waiting for those measly coddled plants and like Norman Bates, at our motel, no one is safe, especially the pretty ones.

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  2. ahh, the insidious weeds…if only I were to motivitated to get something done! I loved your post!

  3. Beautiful pics! I’m enjoying your site and getting some good ideas for my yard. I didn’t realize you were from Guthrie. I’ve only been there a few times, but it is one of my favorite little towns. My family and I recently got back from a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and I told my husband, I still like Guthrie better. Guess I’m a flatlander who likes crazy weather.

  4. I feel your frustrations both in the garden with the weeds and the computer issues. Glad you go home safely. Your weeds look better than mine! When they put in my new beds they gave me some fresh horse manure too.:( I won’t be using them again.

  5. The nasty little beasts! They better not give my weeds any of their take over plans for when I’m on vacation. I’ve been trying to get rid or as many of the little nasties as I can before I leave so they (hopefully) won’t harm my new transplants while I’m away.

  6. Those evil weeds know how to barge in and take over. With abundance of rain -for some reason -the weeds seem to grow faster than the flowers. At this point I would put up with weeds talking if we could get some substantial rain down here in Sunny Florida.
    Very fun-to-read post, Dee.

  7. Those wicked weeds, not only do they invade your flower beds, they sneak into your house & use your computer. I think all that rain you’ve been having has enboldened them. (I’m using a library PC that’s hard to type on as my kids wanted to go to the library. I hope this makes sense & doesn’t have too many typos.)

  8. Guess a Lewis and Clark mix is no match for the Nutsedge and Bermuda – they’re plotting to take over the tomato plot, too – you can hear them cackle because I can no longer reach in to get some of them, even with the cobrahead.

    But the part that jumped out at me is that the Red Dirt Girl has to work between the rainstorms… that sounds like a real treat to an Austinite right now!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Aren’t you a hoot with your Seedy Hotel. I have some of those very occupants trying to take over our garden.
    We just have to keep after them. They do like to recede and pretend they don’t really want to be in the garden
    but their ugly little heads spring up when we turn our backs.

    Lisa, watch out for them. They are bad.~~Dee

  10. Not only are Red Dirt Girl’s weeds talking, they’ve learned to use the computer! And we thought all we needed was anti-virus protection … even now, they’re sowing their seeds in the computers of RDG’s readers! ACK! That means me! Where’s the Round-Up?

    Cindy, they and my hoes. I don’t get any respect. Maybe we need something stronger than Round-Up. Oh, no, that would kill us too.~~Dee

  11. Your weeds sound very devious. Please, keep them away from my weeds! I don’t want my weeds to hang out with yours and get any ideas (not that they don’t already know how to take over a flower bed).

    Carol, my weeds sound slightly insane.~~Dee

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