Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: February indoor plant party

Sorry, I’m late to the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day party. I didn’t realize it was already mid-February. How could I miss it with Valentine’s Day right before? Well, everyone here has been sick since Christmas. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. There’s so much blooming in my...


Growing plants in the greenhouse

Have you ever wanted a greenhouse? Most obsessive gardeners do, and who could blame them? Growing plants in a greenhouse is one of those exquisite pleasures Victorian gardeners understood. A greenhouse or sunroom full of plants gets a gardener through the cold, dark days of winter. This is the third winter...


Growing amaryllis is easy

I like hippeastrum. What are hippeastrum you ask? We know them as amaryllis. When I write that I like them, I mean I’m a hipp-aholic. They brighten my house with their stately blooms before Christmas and after. Growing amaryllis is easy, and I want you to grow them too. Plus,...